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Through the Lens: Discovering the Best Photographers in Kansas City

We are convinced that we have the best photographers in Kansas City and beyond!

Sure, they take the most intimate, beautiful, soul-capturing shots of our gorgeous, diverse couples, but, what we love most is that we get to work with them. Each of our photographers are such cool people: they are super moms, independent business owners, powerful, cool women, steadfast friends, dependable teammates, loving wives, ingenious collaborators, and all around sweethearts.

We have spent the past couple of months highlighting a reception that each of these amazing people have photographed for us this year. We have selected a few of our favorite shots to share.

Thank you all; Bridget, Chessa, Kate, Lyndsey, and Maggie.

We treasure you and thank you for being part of our team.

See more of their beautiful work here:


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