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Amy and KG 3rd anniversary.jpeg

Us, back in 2015.

Our Philosophy



We are those saps that still cry at weddings, even though we have been a part of 1000's of them.

The genuine feelings that we have been honored to witness over the years is like witnessing a birth.

It's so special; Each and every time.

We have the opportunity to meet such wonderful people that get married with us. The pictures on this website are our actual couples, who we have grown to know, work with, and love. We also get the pleasure of meeting the families and friends of the couples and watch them all enjoy their day. 

It is our philosophy that limiting the endless options and costs that go with wedding planning,

allows couples to relax, enjoy their day, and actually get to spend time with each other their valued guests.

We also encourage you not to be afraid to buck tradition.

Weddings are different these days - and believe it or not, there are no wedding police.

No one is going to care if you don't have a 10 tier cake or a pristine white gown.

It's your day. Don't be persuaded to spend money on things that don't matter to you.

Splurge on those things that are important to you as a couple!

So, brainstorm like crazy and make the list of all the things you want when you start. Then go back through that list and circle the 5 or 6 things that are the most important to you. If you are like us and like order, you could even prioritize every item on that list from most to least important. Try to imagine that day with just those essential items from your list and we think you would be happy with just those things. 

The rest is icing on the proverbial cake.




I am the owner of Cakewalk Events. That smaller human by my side is my one and only daughter, Sophia. She is almost 11 (as of January 2022) and we have a collective mission to pet every dog possible.


With 30 years of catering, wedding, and event planning experience, I am here to make your wedding day and reception, fun, easy and stress-free! Who wants to WORK on their wedding day? NO ONE.

I got my start at Catering By Design in 1995, cooking up dinners and managing the logistics for weddings for 15 glorious years. In 2012, I opened Cakewalk Events and went about planning and catering larger scale weddings until I crossed paths with the owner and mastermind of The Vow Exchange, Kathryn Hogan. 


In 2014, Kathryn invited me to work with her, so I stepped away from the world of the “monster wedding” and teamed up with The Vow Exchange Events. Together, Kathryn and I created a collection of all-inclusive ceremony and reception packages that make planning your wedding so easy and enjoying it even easier! 


In 2022, The Vow Exchange passed their two beautiful venues, in the Crossroads and Liberty, to Cakewalk Events. We couldn't be more excited to take charge of these amazing spaces!

Cakewalk Events will now be your direct source for fully decorated small wedding venues and all-inclusive wedding and reception packages. We bring to you a wealth of experience executing all-inclusive ceremonies and receptions. Our team is professional, warm and super-talented. We specialize in expert personalized service and an easy system to manage and execute your event.


Let us take the pressure off of you and your guests and make your day a…. Cakewalk (har har!!)






I am the co-owner of Cakewalk Events. That super tiny fella is Desi. The gentleman in the picture on the right is my right hand man, Josh. We got married at one of our venues a couple years ago, just before Covid struck!

I have coordinated hundreds of weddings and know every intimate detail about what it takes to make a special and worry free event.


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